supermoon lunar eclipse

2033.  Eighteen years from now.  That’s how long it will be until the next supermoon lunar eclipse.

It hard to imagine where we will be at that time and what our life will look like.  The boys will be grown men.  I will be in my sixties! (shudder)

Sadly, I don’t remember the last supermoon lunar eclipse in 1982.  I guess I was in middle school in San Antonio, but I have no memory of watching it.

At least I know I will never forget where we were for the one in 2015!

It was a perfect night for a family outing on the grounds of the Lighthouse in Rincon.  The event the municipality put together was well attended.  Members of the Astronomical Society of the Caribbean brought their telescopes to share with those in attendance.

We found a quiet area in the grass away from the crowds to setup our blanket, chairs and the tripod for Holly’s Camera.

The night sky was crystal clear.  Thankfully, there was no trace of the clouds from the late afternoon thunderstorms that passed through earlier in the day.  The moon was bright enough to make you squint if you stared directly at it.

Finally, the moment that science lovers and the superstitious alike had been waiting for arrived as a corner of the moon started to darken.  About an hour later, when the eclipse was complete, the whole moon once again came into view under an eerie red glow.  The fourth “blood moon” in the last 18 months.  I can see how our ancestors could have viewed these spectacular celestial events as ominous “signs from God”.

The boys absolutely loved staying up late and witnessing this rare natural wonder unfold before their eyes.  I doubt they will ever lose this precious memory.

Here are some of the amazing images Holly captured of the moon’s phases that night using her Canon Rebel DSLR Camera

supermoon before the lunar eclipse seen from the lighthouse grounds in Rincon, Puerto Rico


the bottom corner of the supermoon begins to darken seen from the lighthouse grounds in Rincon, Puerto Rico

and so it begins

supermoon lunar eclipse well underway seen from the lighthouse grounds in Rincon, Puerto Rico

almost there

supermoon lunar eclipse ends with a spectacular "blood moon" seen from the lighthouse grounds in Rincon, Puerto Rico

the “blood moon”

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