In what seems like a former life, I had several music projects.  I haven’t done anything with music since 2012 but who knows what the future holds…  Anyway without further ado, what follows is a brief, abbreviated look at my musical past in reverse chronological order… David

My last band was, for lack of a better description, a “libertarian rock” band.  Notice the black and gold logo…


Below is a video mashup I put together for one of our songs.  You’ll find a few more on YouTube.


Before that, I did a solo “screamo” project.  In some ways, it’s a sad album for me to listen to because I was unsatisfied and searching for direction at the time.  That said, I made it through and captured some really nice rock’n roll riffs along the way! 🙂

The Glorious Dregs

My first band was a Christian rock band.  Even though I’m no longer a Christian, some of the songs still hold up pretty well.  Furthermore, the overall recording quality of our last album, No More, might have been the best I was able to achieve during my “music career”.

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