Over the years, we’ve shared many of our favorite tools for thriving in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, this information is scattered across several posts. Therefore, we thought we would consolidate what we consider to be the best-of-the-best on one page to make the information more accessible.

Amazon PrimeYou need this to receive free shipping in Puerto Rico
Amazon Prime Card5% cashback helps soften the blow of sky-high sales taxes
Pest control
Mosquito MagnetThis allows us to sit on our balcony in peace
Lurex3 AttractantThis makes the Mosquito Magnet more effective
Mosquito RacketWe keep these around to zap any stragglers
BugZookaThis makes dealing with big spiders less stressful
Backup power
1500w inverterWe connected this to our car battery to keep our fridge running after the hurricane
Camping stoveWe have an electric stove so we need this to cook when the power goes out
JumpstarterWe generally keep this in the car, but it’s a great charger for our devices in an outage
100W solar panelThis is powerful enough to charge my laptop and laptop backup battery
Power companionBackup battery for my Dell laptop
21W solar panelWe use this to charge our USB devices
LTE HotspotIndispensable for keeping us connected during internet AND power outages
Backup water
Handheld showerheadCombine this with a stove and bucket to always have access to a hot shower!
2-gallon beverage dispenser with metal standWe keep this by our kitchen sink to always have running water for washing dishes
1-gallon beverage dispenserWe keep these in each of the bathrooms for washing hands and brushing teeth.

Although we use affiliate links where available, we ONLY recommend tools we actually use and find exceptionally helpful.