auto registration and insurance in puerto rico - marbetes sign

auto registration (marbete) in puerto rico

Every time we drove past the big yellow and red “MARBETES” sign we felt it, even if Holly occasionally left it unsaid:  “We probably SHOULD figure out how to renew our vehicle registration sticker….”  Well our sticker or “marbete” expires at the end of this month so I could procrastinate no longer.  The following is the result of my wait-till-the-last-minute on the ground and online research.

In Texas, vehicle inspection and registration are two separate processes requiring two separate stickers.  Here in Puerto Rico, they are combined along with enforcement of mandatory liability auto insurance, so a bit more coordination is required.  In the end, I think it’s kind of nice to only have one date to worry about.

Getting your renewal form

Around 45 days before your marbete is to expire you are supposed to receive your renewal form in the mail.  If you don’t receive them, which isn’t uncommon, you can wait in line at the regional CESCO (think DMV) to obtain one OR you could register on the DTOP website and print them out at home.  You can guess what approach we chose. 😉

(Update 7/10/2019) This worked great our first couple of years, but it looks like this site is gone now.  Further, since we changed our address there was no longer a chance that we would receive them by mail.  Last year, as the due date drew closer, I realized we had no choice but to drive to the CESCO in Aguadilla. (Holly and I made a trip of it)

A quick search online indicated that it didn’t close until 6pm so we headed out just after 4pm.  Upon our arrival at around 4:45 pm, we saw that the doors were closed.  I asked a couple of ladies who were standing outside what time they close the doors and she said 3:30pm!  However, after I told her what we needed she told us we could just go to an inspection station and have them print out the form we needed to renew our marbete!

We went to the closest inspection station and told the attendant our situation.  He assured us this was fine and he could print out the form we needed.  I peered over his shoulder as he pulled up the form and committed the link to memory.  After the inspection, I tried the URL when I got home and found it worked!  If you need to print out the marbete renewal form at home, try the link below.  One time I got it to work using my license plate number, including the dash.  Another time I had to use my driver’s license number.  Once logged in, select “Licencia de Vehículo” for your car to obtain the renewal form.

BTW, if the link above doesn’t work for you, there is an app in the Apple App store that’s worth trying.)


So with papers in hand, we headed for the closest Centro de Inspeccion in Aguada.  Unlike the inspections in Texas which are more thorough, the inspections here are extremely quick because the only thing they seem to check is your emissions.  It costs $11, and like many places here, they ONLY accept cash.

the inspection center in aguada - you must renew you auto insurance puerto rico annually
the inspection center in aguada
Auto Insurance (and roadside assistance)

Like in Texas, auto liability coverage is mandatory here.  Unlike Texas, however, they conveniently sell you a barebones policy when you register your vehicle if you don’t have your own. The policy costs $99 and covers up to $4,000 in damages. 

A few months back, some friends of ours mentioned that they opted to purchase their own auto insurance policy for a couple of hundred dollars.  Having the basic coverage, I didn’t give it much thought at the time.  However, in researching this post, I spoke to them again to get the exact numbers.

The insurance they have through Universal costs about $200 a year for something like $300,000 in liability coverage!  Holly and I met with an insurance agent in Rincón who was able to get us a quote of $180 a year with Integrand.  Paying another $80 to $100 for an additional $296,000 dollars in coverage strikes me as a pretty good investment.  Also, since we only have one car, we decided to add roadside assistance for an additional $40 annually.

(Update 8/5/20: It became more and more of a hassle to renew so we are back to just using the minimum liability coverage.)

Auto Registration

Now you should have everything you need.  The last step is to gather your renewal form and, if you decided to purchase your own policy, proof of insurance then pay the vehicle registration fee. Conveniently, this can be done at a number of places including Treasury Department collection centers (colecturías), the inspection centers, and most local bank branches.  Oh and bring cash; $85 if you have your own insurance, $184 if you don’t. I always try to pay with credit card, but rarely am able to… good luck!

the "marbete" - you must renew your auto insurance puerto rico annually
the “marbete”


  • This is a no brainer that smart people still don’t get. The marbette insurance is a ripoff. $4000 wont cover much. If someone get hurts your in trouble. The Judge will look at you and take everything you have and give it to someone who has nothing even if its their fault. We used CACIO and understand they are the better choice. I had an accident and they did right by me. LOL we also made a blog post about this same thing.

  • Barbara Schutt

    This is great to know, thank you!

  • Hello, I just want to clarify a bit about the liability insurance you mentioned. The $99 minimun insurance covers up to $4,000 in damages to the other(s) auto(s) involved in an accident. It does not cover for any phisical damage or other property affected. In the case of a private coverage like Universal, Integrand etc, you can choose your coverage in the areas if Property Damage (includes any other’s property affected un an accident) for $10k, $25K, $50K. You choose also the coverage for Phisical Damage you may be liable for $10/$20K, $25/$50K or $100/$300K. The lowest amount is coverage for phisical damages to one person while the highest is for multiple persons affected. So in the $300k coverarage you mentioned it must be up to $100k in phisical damages to one person and up to $300k for multiple persons affected in an accident.

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