At Home in Puerto Rico - How to open coconut husks - brown coconuts

how to open coconut husk (quick and easy!)

Video transcript:

Hi, this is David White with, and apparently, this is coconut season here in Puerto Rico, at least where I live. Almost every day I go down to the beach to surf or paddleboard and there’s a beautiful tree-lined street on the way down. And, every day for the last few weeks I’ve been finding one of these on the side of the road; a freshly fallen brown coconut.

Inside you’ll see this, what you see at the store, but how do you get this husk off? It’s a lot of work to get off. I had previously done a video on how to open it because I was excited about a tool that I made, quote, that was basically just a branch (that I sharpened). It was a lot easier than just hacking at it, but it was still difficult. It got to the point where I didn’t want to find these anymore, it was just so much work to open them!

Well anyway, a friend recently showed me how to open them in a MUCH easier way, so I knew I needed to make a new video. So what we’re going to do is find the side of the coconut that has like these three ridges. This side is going to break right open. And what I do is, this is the side that’s going to open, but we’re going to put this side down first. You can see here, I’ve already hit a few coconuts there so there’s a little indention, it’s great. It holds the coconut for you. I’m going to hit the opposite side one or two times to make it easier to open all the way.

See it’s already starting to split open with one hit. There you go. Now, this is the side that should open right up. Hit those three ridges. Look at that. It’s already coming apart. Not sure if I got it enough. One more hit. There you go. It split right down the ridge. Sometimes I still use that old tool when it really difficult to get that last piece of. There you go… good luck!

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