In what seems like a former life, I had several music projects.  I haven’t done anything with music since 2012 but who knows what the future holds…  Anyway without further ado, what follows is a brief, abbreviated look at my musical past in reverse chronological order… David

My last band was, for lack of a better description, a “libertarian rock” band.  Notice the black and gold logo…

At Home in Puerto Rico - Rothbard band logo

Below is a video mashup I put together for one of our songs.  You’ll find a few more on YouTube.


Before that, I did a solo “screamo” project.  In some ways, it’s a sad album for me to listen to because I was unsatisfied and searching for direction at the time.  That said, I made it through and captured some really nice rock’n roll riffs along the way! 🙂

The Glorious Dregs

My first band was a Christian rock band.  Even though I’m no longer a Christian, some of the songs still hold up pretty well.  Furthermore, the overall recording quality of our last album, No More, might have been the best I was able to achieve during my “music career”.

All of the songs and albums above are available on iTunes or pretty much where ever you buy music online. You can also listen to many of my unreleased recordings on SoundCloud if you are interested. Enjoy!

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