five mature coconuts with husks still on - how to remove coconut husk

diy tool for removing coconut husk

Coconuts are everywhere here in Puerto Rico which is awesome.  However, opening a mature coconut is not a lot of fun.  The first few times we tried it, Holly and I ended up with blisters on our hands after nearly an HOUR of struggle.  Hack at a coconut with a machete and a hammer for an hour a few times and it won’t be long before the excitement of finding a freshly fallen coconut drains away completely.

Well, I recently created a “tool” on our condo grounds that has rekindled our joy at finding coconuts.  In fact, I was removing coconut husks with it this morning and was so happy with it that I asked Holly to record a quick video so I could share my simple contraption on the blog.  Hopefully,  some of you will find it helpful!

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